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VHS/DVD Video Library
** The following is a listing of the VHS/DVD Videos available in the Carson Valley Woodturners Library.
These items are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please see the "Guidelines for borrowing" that follows the list of videos below.
Library Listing Updated February, 2019
DVD & VHS Tape Videos
CV Woodturners Video Library
Guidelines for borrowing
"Carson Valley Woodturners" VHS/DVD Videos.
  1. Borrower must be an active member of the Carson Valley Woodturners.
  2. Member must completely fill-in the information on the lending slip.
  3. Member is limited to check-out no more than two items at one time.
  4. All previously borrowed items must be returned before checking out additional items.
  5. Borrowed items are to be returned at the next meeting.
  6. When returning items, be sure to inform the Librarian that borrowed items are being returned, and ask for your checkout slip to be returned.

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