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Carson Valley Woodturner

Safety Program

Purpose: To promote safe turning practices anytime a member is turning whether at home or during a club sponsored function.
  1. It is the responsibility of every member of the Carson Valley Woodturners to be aware of safety requirements and practice safe turning practices whenever using any power tools relating to the art of turning wood, i.e. lathes, saws, grinders, power carvers, or any tool that may be used in completing a project.
  2. The CVW will maintain a file for each member containing release forms.
  3. If a member sees something at a club sponsored event that they believe may be unsafe, it is their responsibility to report the incident to a member of the CVW Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will take whatever action is necessary to correct the safety violation.
  4. The CVW has a published list of safety requirements which each member will be required to attest to the fact that they have read, understand and agree to abide by all of the requirements.
  5. The CVW will post on its website the clubs safety requirements.
  6. The CVW newsletter will have a safety article as the part of each monthly newsletter.
  7. The President or his designee will start each monthly meeting with a short safety discussion covering a different topic from the clubs safety requirements.
  8. At any function where the lathe will be used for demonstrations a safety shield will be used between the lathe and the audience.
  9. No member of the CVW may use a lathe during a club sponsored event without a minimum of safety glasses.
  10. Proper lathe speed calculation equation and basic safety reminders will be posted on all club owned lathes.
  11. Non CVW members in attendance at the monthly club demonstration will be required to sign a sign-in sheet with the hold harmless agreement statement.
  12. The CVW will have safety glasses available at all club sponsored functions where power equipment will be used for use by those who wish to use them.
  13. CVW members participating in club sponsored hands on sessions will be required to bring their own face shields which they will use while turning at these sessions. Individuals observing or assisting the individual turning will be required to wear a minimum of safety glasses.

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